Customs commissioning, customs declarant Acila Timisoara
Customs agent and customs declarant
Customs agent, which provides complete services of customs commissioning: declaration of merchandise for import/export, primary customs declarations
Intrastat declaration Acila Timisoara
Intrastat declaration
Services of filling in and communication of the intrastate declarations for the companies which want to make sure these documents are drafted promptly and seriously.
Transport logistics services Acila Timisoara
Logistic services of transport expedition
Our fleet of trucks is able to perform rapid merchandise transports anywhere in the country or outside the country
Storage of general merchandise Timisoara Acila
Storage of general merchandise
Services of storage of general merchandise with the following endowments: smoke detector, fireproof walls, parking within the storage area, video monitoring

Acila Timisoara Services

Easy monitoring of the import-export process. Direct information collection from the traders through a declaration. An experienced customs agent will significantly improve the passing of the products through customs. Taking over all the duties relating to the customs transit.

Intrastat declaration

Intrastat is an organization and management system of the statistical information regarding the assets trade within the European Union.

Customs commissioning

A customs commissioning service consisting of the detailed declaration of the import, export, storage and transit of goods.

Logistic services

The related logistic services a company / client needs for performing assets import / export operations.

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Acila Company performs internal and international road transports of general or special merchandise with maximum speed and at a higher qualitative level.

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