Policy of use of cookies and relating technologies

This document refers to the use cookies and relating technologies within our website, for the completion of our general policy regarding the personal data protection and the Terms and Conditions of use of the site.
For additional questions and details relating to the Terms and conditions of use of the site, the Confidentiality Policy or the Policy of use of Cookies you can contact us at office@acila.ro.

1. What are cookies and what are they useful for?

The Cookie name applies to a small dimension file which will be stored on the computer or mobile device where you access the Internet. The Cookie is installed through a request issued by the terminal of the user to a server or to a third party server.
The Cookie name applies to a small dimension file which will be stored on the computer or mobile device where you access the Internet. The Cookie is installed through a request issued by the terminal of the user to a server or to a third party server.

The Cookies habilitate the services provision adjusted to the users because they allow the recognition of the devices used and the presentation of the content according to their preferences.

The Cookies are useful for the data collection and performance of anonymous traffic statistics which allows us to understand how the users benefit from our page ad improve its structure and content without a personal identification of the user.

We use two types of cookies: session (temporary) and fixed (stored on the device). The session cookies remain on the device of the user until the end of the session or the closing down of the application. The fixed cookies remain stored for a period established by the parameters of the cookie or until their manual deletion.

The cookies or similar technologies do not require personal data and –most often- do not personally identify the internet users. In certain situations the cookies collect data in order to facilitate certain functionalities for the user but they are crypted in a way which does not allow the access of unauthorized persons.

There are also other technologies such as Local Storage, which can be used similarly to cookies.

2. How do we use the cookies?

On our website, you will encounter several types of cookies for the purpose of:

  • The site operation (example: Google Maps, YouTube), being strictly necessary, they are set up on your device when accessing the site or following the actions performed, after analysis (example: Google Analytics)
  • Marketing and publicity (example: Facebook, Google)

3. Managing and blocking cookies

Generally, saving cookies and/or similar technologies on the devices of the users is implicitly allowed. There is the option of blocking automatic management of the cookies by the web browser or to inform the user every time its permission is requested to install cookies on the device.

If you choose a limited use or blocking the cookies, certain functionalities of our website may be affected, generating different errors in the use of the site (authentication failure or online purchases for example).

If you still want to block the cookies, use the corresponding button in the notification section in the lower part of the screen.

The cookies may be reactivated or deactivated at any moment by accessing the module in the bottom of each page.

Detailed information is found in the settings area of the web browser.

4. Data security and confidentiality

We inform you that as a user, you can use the confidentiality settings of the web browsers in order to establish different levels of accepting the cookies. Also, you may choose only a certain validity period for them or the automatic deletion of the cookies after the visit of the site.

Thus, you may set the use of cookies at the security level comfortable for you. If you are the only user of the device, you may choose long expiration terms for storing the navigation history and access personal data. If the device is used by several persons, you may set the browser to delete individual navigation data every time you close it.

Confidentiality policy regarding the personal data processing

We process your data in full compliance with the EU Regulation in 2016/679 ("General Data Protection Regulation" or "GDPR"), and also any other applicable legislation on the territory of Romania.

By publishing this Confidentiality Policy we want to inform you in a transparent way regarding the way we collect, use, transfer and protect your personal data when you interact with us through our website.

In order to reflect any modification to the way of processing your personal data or any modification to the legal requirements, updates and periodic modifications of this Confidentiality Policy, we will publish them on this page.

Categories of personal data processed

Generally, we collect your personal data directly through the forms published on our site, thus you are in control of what type of information you offer.

For example, when you send a message through the contact form, you supply information such as: name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number etc.

We can also collect and subsequently process certain information regarding your behaviour during the visit of our website in order to customize your online experience. According to the Cookie’s Policy of use, we may store and collect information in cookies and similar technologies.

We do not collect and process in any other manner sensitive data included in the General Data Protection Regulation in special categories of personal data. We do not wish to collect or process data of minors (under 16 years).

The purpose of data processing

We use your personal data as follows:

In order to improve our services

In order to offer you the best online navigation experience on our website, we may collect and use certain information regarding your activity on the site. We rely on our legitimate interest to perform business activities, taking care at the same time to observe your fundamental rights and liberties.

For marketing activities

In order to maintain you informed regarding the best offers for the products/services you are interested in, we may send e-mails containing general and targeted information, offers or promotions but also market research or surveys and we may display customized recommendations on our website. To this purpose, we may use certain data regarding your activity on our website in order to create a profile.

We make sure each time that these processings are performed according to your rights and liberties and that the decisions made according to them do not affect you in a significant manner.

In most cases, we perform the marketing communications with your previous approval which you can withdraw subsequently through the use of the unsubscribe link displayed at the end of the e-mail messages received from us or through direct contact (mail, telephone or e-mail).

In order to defend our legitimate interests

In certain situations we will use or communicate information in order to protect our rights and business activity. Here we list:

Different protection measures of our website and its users against cyber-attacks.

Prevention and detection measures of the fraud attempts, including the transmission of information to jurisdictional public authorities.

Management measures of other different risks.

In certain cases we rely the processing on legal provisions such as the obligation to ensure the security of the assets and values stipulated by the applicable legislation in this matter.

The period of preserving your personal data

We will store your personal data for the necessary period for maintaining a good communication with you. You may request at any moment the deletion of certain information and we will comply with this request. We keep certain information for the situation when the applicable legislation or our legitimate interests require it.

To who is your personal data communicated

If applicable, we may communicate or offer access to certain personal data to different categories of services suppliers (courier, payment/banking services, marketing, market research) or other companies with whom we may develop common biding programs on the market of our goods and services.

We may also reveal certain personal data to public authorities if we are legally obligated or if it is necessary in order to defend a legitimate interest.

We make sure that the access to your data from private law third parties legal persons is performed according to the legal provisions regarding the data protection and information confidentiality, according to the contracts concluded with them.

To what countries we transfer your personal data

Currently, we store and process your personal data on the territory of Romania.

Nevertheless, it is possible to transfer certain personal data to entities located within or outside the European Union including in countries where the European Commission has not acknowledged a proper protection level of the personal data.

We take all the measures in order to make sure that any international personal data transfer is managed carefully for the purpose of protecting your rights and interests. The data transfers will always be protected through contractual agreements and, if applicable, other guarantees. You can contact us anytime in order to find out more information regarding the countries where we transfer your data.

How do we protect the security of your personal data

We undertake to ensure the security of your personal data by implementing proper technical and organizational measures, according to the industry standards.

Despite the measures taken for the protection of your personal data, we do not undertake the responsibility for weaknesses of some systems which are not under our control. The communication of information through Internet is not completely safe, existing the risk that the data be seen and used by unauthorized third parties.

Your rights

The General Data Protection Regulation stipulates the following:

You may request access to your data, the correction of any errors in our files and/or you may deny the processing of your personal data.
You are entitled to file complaints to the jurisdictional supervisory authorities or to address justice and also the right to request the deletion of your personal data, the right to restrict the processing of your data and the right to data portability.

In order to exercise your rights, you may contact us using the contact details published on the contact page. We try to answer to any valid request within maximum 30 days, except when this is especially complicated or if you have made several requests, we undertake to answer within maximum 60 days.


You may request to confirm if we process your personal data and also give you a copy of them and present the data we have, what we use them for, who we reveals them to, if we send them abroad and how we protect them, the period of storage, what rights you have, how you can file a complaint, where we have obtained your data, if this information has not already been supplied through this communication


You may ask us to rectify or complete your inaccurate or incomplete personal data. It is possible to verify the precision of your data before rectifying them.

Data deletion

You may request us to delete your personal data, only if:

  • they are no longer necessary for the purpose the have been collected;
  • you have withdrawn your consent (if the data processing was based on consent);
  • they have been illegally processed;
  • you exercise a legal right of opposition;
  • we have a legal obligation to this purpose.

We are not obligated to comply with your request of personal data deletion in any circumstance. The most probable situations when we can deny your request are:

  • in order to observe a legal obligation;
  • in order to establish, exercise or defend a right in court.

Restriction of data processing

You may request the restriction of your personal data processing only if:

  • their accuracy is contested (see Rectification section), in order to allow us to verify their accuracy;
  • they are no longer necessary for the purpose they have been collected but you need them to establish, exercise or defend a right in court;
  • the processing is illegal but you do not want the data to be deleted;
  • you have exercised the right of opposition and the verification if our rights prevail is still ongoing.

In order to continue to use your personal data following a restricting request if we have your consent or for establishing, exercising or ensuring the defence of a right in court or in order to protect the Integral Design rights or the rights of other natural or legal person.

Data portability

You may request us to supply your personal data in a structured format, used currently and which may automatically read or you may request that this format be directly ported to a different data operator, on the condition that the processing is based on your consent or the conclusion or execution of a contract with you and is made using automated means.


You may oppose the processing of your data at any moment if you consider that your fundamental rights and liberties prevail upon our legitimate business interest.

Also, you may deny in any moment the direct marketing processing (including the creation of profiles), without invoking any reason, case in which we will stop the processing in the shortest time possible.

Making automated decisions

You may request not to be subject to a decision made exclusively through automated processing when the respective decision:

  • causes legal effects regarding you;
  • affects you in other similar and significant manner.

This right does not apply to the case when the decision made following automated decisions:

  • is not necessary to conclude or perform a contract with you;
  • is authorized by law and there are proper guarantees for your rights and liberties;
  • is based on your explicit consent.


In Romania, the contact data of the personal data supervisory authority is:

The National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing
G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru Ave. no. 28-30, Sector 1, postal code 010336, Bucharest, Romania
Telephone: +40.318.059.211, +40.318.059.212;
E-mail: anspdcp@dataprotection.ro

You are entitled to file a complaint with the supervisory authority regarding the processing of your personal data but we recommend you contact us first and we ensure you that we will make every efforts necessary in order to solve amicably any problem.

We are always open to find out your opinion and provide any additional information you may need regarding the processing of your data. Please contact us using the contact data published on the dedicated page.


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Document – These Terms and Conditions.

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The use of the content of the Site

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The Owner of the Site will maintain the confidentiality of the information of any nature you provide. The information provided will be revealed only under the conditions mentioned in this Document.

Business communications

As a User you may withdraw at any time the consent given to the owner of the Site for the Business Communications containing general and specific information, including information regarding offers and promotions, as follows:

  • by accessing the unsubscribe link displayed in the e-mails received from us;
  • by direct contact of the Seller.

In order to improve the products/services offer and the navigation experience on the Site, we will use your data for market research and surveys. Your answers to the market research and surveys will not be associated to your identity nor sent to third parties or published. You may withdraw your approval in any moment by accessing the unsubscribe link in the e-mail messages or by contacting the Owner of the Site.

Processing the personal data

The Confidentiality Policy regarding the personal data processing is part of this Document.

Use of Cookies

The Policy of use of cookies is a part of this Document.

Applicable law Jurisdiction.

This Document is governed by the Romanian legislation. If possible disputes arise between the Owner of the Site and User, they will be settled amicably. If this is not possible, they will be addressed to the jurisdictional courts.