Intrastate is an organization and management system of the statistical information regarding the assets trade within the European Union.

A country accepted within the European Union must be introduced in the single European circuit of merchandise on the Single Market. Thus, the assets traders no longer fill in customs declarations, the customs control not being useful and valid.

Acila Company provides the intrastate declarations filling in and communication service for the companies which want to make sure that these documents are elaborated promptly and seriously.

Intrastat general information

Acila Company provides complete formalities and customs commissioning services and intrastate declaration for the Timisoara Base, Timisoara Airport and Stamora Moravita customs. The services are addressed to the companies performing import-export activities and which exceed the limit value of import-export established for the year 2018.
Our team of professionals has training in the field of legislation of customs activities and may guarantee the quality of any services provided.

What is intrastate?

Intrastat is an organization and management system of the statistical information regarding the assets trade within the European Union. The intrastate declaration system is used for the monitoring of the traffic of assets transited between the member states of the European Union. It was implemented in the EU member states in the year 1993, and beginning with January 1st 2007 it became active in Romania. The intrastate declaration replaces the initial source of data – customs declarations, the purpose of the intrastate declaration being of collecting information directly from the economic operators of the EU member states which perform an exchange of assets with other member states.

Who declares intrastate?

The intrastate declaration must be elaborated by the traders which have exceeded in the previous year the value limit established for import-export and by those exceeding the value limit during the year, which must file the declaration beginning with the month when they have exceeded the value.
The thresholds represent the limit which establishes the value of the import/export until which the traders may perform exchanges without the need of filing an intrastate declaration.
For the year 2018 the value thresholds are the following:
For import – 900.000 lei
For export – 900.000 lei

When it is filed?

The deadline for sending the intrastate data is always represented by the date of 15th of the month following the reference month.

What must be declared?

The intrastate declaration must contain the following information:

flow (introductions/expeditions)
Company identification data
merchandise code (8 numbers)
transport method
quantity in kg
invoiced value

reference period
destination country/expedition country
nature of the transaction
delivery terms
quantity in additional measurement unit
statistical value

Intrastat declaration import countries

Austria (AT)
Bulgaria (BG)
Denmark (DK)
Finland (FI)
Germany (DE)
Ireland (IE)
Latvia (LV)
Luxembourg (LU)
Great Britain (GB)
Poland (PL)
Czech Republic (CZ)
Slovakia (SK)
Spain (ES)
Hungary (HU)

Belgium (BE)
Cyprus (CY)
Estonia (EE)
France (FR)
Greece (GR)
Italy (IT)
Lithuania (LT)
Malta (MT)
Netherlands (NL)
Portugal (PT)
Romania (RO)
Slovenia (SI)
Sweden (SE)


A national standard according to the European standard has been established for a better operation of the system consisting of the collection of these declarations from the traders.

Legislation at the European level:

EC Regulation 638/2004;
EC Regulation 1982/2004;

Legislation at the national level:

Law no. 422/2006 from November 22nd 2006;
The Order of the INS President regarding the rules supplementing the Intrastat Statistical Declaration;
The Order of the INS President regarding the establishing of value limits for collecting statistical information regarding trade

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