Acila Company has been offering customs commissioning and intrastate services for 25 years in Romania. By observing the high standards imposed in the daily activity, Acila Company has entered the market in the western part of the country as one of the best services provider of customs commissioning and customs declarant in the field. Currently, it has several places of business in Timis County and 35 employees. The Intrastat declaration services are a form of statistically monitoring the value and volume of the transactions performed between the EU states.

Intrastat declaration

Intrastate is an organization and management system of the statistical information regarding the assets trade within the European Union.

Customs declarant

The companies performing import - export activities need a customs declarant well informed regarding all the details of the legislation in force.

Customs commissioning

A service consisting of the detailed declaration of the import, export, storage and transit of the assets.

Logistic services

The logistic service offers the clients the complete transport solution for the imported or exported merchandise.

Transport and expeditions

Acila Company performs internal and international road transports for general or special merchandise, with maximum speed, at a higher qualitative level.

Storage of general merchandise

Our warehouse will make available services of: loading/unloading, merchandise weighing; pal merchandise palletization, Pick & Pack for pallets, boxes.

Merchandise storage in customs warehouse regime

The warehouse owned by our company is a public one that can be used by any person to store goods.

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